amy baker



Client Overview

Amy Baker is a yoga teacher and teacher trainer based in Denver, CO.


  • Storytelling
  • Web Design
  • Logo


the story


Amy Baker's brand focuses on creating a yoga culture not based on the beauty and fitness, but rather the introspective, gritty, down and dirty path of yoga. Amy hopes that her students navigate through uncharted territory in their practice and holds space for the individual journey. Thus, we coined the tagline "Go your own way" to showcase this journey.

The concept revolves around the path less traveled. The feel is a little grungy and old-school centralized around simple languaging and storytelling.



We created a directional and balanced mark to fit the "Go your own way" concept, used hand-drawing to signify personal connection and dotwork to illustrate the freedom to choose your own path.


online space

To visit Amy's website and see the full roll out, click here.