We gather October 23-28.


come, darling.

We are open to receive you.

Please submit your application below and we’ll reach out to move forward!

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what we require

Must be willing to follow a simple diet(plant medicine diet) and abstain from dairy, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, wheat, and preferably meat, as well for one week before retreat.

Must be willing to complete 20 minutes of meditation/day for 2 weeks leading up to the retreat.

We will recommend a variety of supplements and encourage you to take these as well!

Must have a willingness to dive into the depths with full expression and willingness.

Must understand that you are the only person who controls your experience and take responsibility for your own body and mind.

Must have a level of ability to sit with others in deep emotional release and be able to stay in your own experience.

Must express some understanding of conscious communication/authentic relating techniques.

Must be turned on by this offering… fear is a natural part of the process ;)