Hey Creative Soul!

So, you’re a fountain of ideas, doing amazing things in the world and yet sometimes you feel stumped, staring blankly at the computer screen with nothing to post to social media, no enlightened thoughts for your blog. There’s a heaviness in the body that leaves you feeling stuck. Sometimes, it’s a darkness that creeps in. At others, it’s scary to show up on camera.

I know all about this. I too have sighed deeply IG open my phone… “Nope, I got nothing.” In the past, I was often terrified of messing up. However, I found that the more I looked into the present moment, the easier it was to find inspiration.

And I’m usually not one for quick fixes… but this totally is one.

Experience the practical application of meditation and visualization - how it works in the brain and how you can use it to accelerate your work.

This 4-part audio series addresses key problems that we deal with as creatives.


#1 | The Darkness

For that moment when you’re staring into the blank canvas of the unknown

internal rewiring.png

#2 | Internal Rewiring

Use this when your silly thoughts and beliefs get in the way of your magick

testing wings.png

#3 | Testing Your Wings

This is for when you’re scared to show up online, to go Live, or meet a new client


#4 | Finding Freedom

Simply, use whenever you feel stuck in your life

I hope this series provides the movement and inspiration to get any idea off the ground.

These meditations give a sense of lightness and levity to everything you do.

use them to lift off and soar.