On Having Many Loves | Polyamory & Life Purpose

It’s 3am, here in Tulum. I’m lying next to a beautiful Argentinian man that I barely know. Two days ago, he said, “I love you.” I said it back.  I hear him snore, deep in sleep, and ask myself, “Will people think that I am foolish for loving so freely?” I think about my other partners and lovers wondering, “Is it possible to have it all?”

So what do these sweet bedside reflections have to do with my job as a Soul Coach?!

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Kelly Shroads

From Unsure About Her Vision To Launching A Holistic Wellness Brand  

Kelly Shroads is a branding photographer who embraces holistic healing through her own personal journey of life with RA. Kelly just completed her certification with Pixie Lighthorse and also offers oil coaching, a crystal shop, a photographic art gallery and so much more!!

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Amy Sinclair

From Anxious About The Future of Her Business To Confident & At Ease In Her New Offering

Amy Sinclair is a wellness entrepreneur, health & happiness coach and yoga event extraordinaire.

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Lindsley Brooks | Lifestyle Alchemist

Creating A Lifestyle With Alchemy

Lindsley Brooks shares a journey of connecting her energetic passions of space, place, and style with her work now as a lifestyle alchemist. We talk a lot about "thin places," travel, and "What is Loving You." Lindsley and I share a deep certainty that what the Universe offers is exactly what we need. I love connecting the dots with this gorgeous and vibrant soul.

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