On Having Many Loves | Polyamory & Life Purpose

It’s 3am, here in Tulum. I’m lying next to a beautiful Argentinian man that I barely know. Two days ago, he said, “I love you.” I said it back.  I hear him snore, deep in sleep, and ask myself, “Will people think that I am foolish for loving so freely?” I think about my other partners and lovers wondering, “Is it possible to have it all?”

So what do these sweet bedside reflections have to do with my job as a Soul Coach?!

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Kelly Shroads

From Unsure About Her Vision To Launching A Holistic Wellness Brand  

Kelly Shroads is a branding photographer who embraces holistic healing through her own personal journey of life with RA. Kelly just completed her certification with Pixie Lighthorse and also offers oil coaching, a crystal shop, a photographic art gallery and so much more!!

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Amy Sinclair

From Anxious About The Future of Her Business To Confident & At Ease In Her New Offering

Amy Sinclair is a wellness entrepreneur, health & happiness coach and yoga event extraordinaire.

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Lindsley Brooks | Lifestyle Alchemist

Creating A Lifestyle With Alchemy

Lindsley Brooks shares a journey of connecting her energetic passions of space, place, and style with her work now as a lifestyle alchemist. We talk a lot about "thin places," travel, and "What is Loving You." Lindsley and I share a deep certainty that what the Universe offers is exactly what we need. I love connecting the dots with this gorgeous and vibrant soul.

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Lynn Cosyn

On Courage, Curiosity & Living A Cosy Life

Lynn Cosyn shares from her heart about what it takes to encounter and overcome fear to live in cosyness, vibrancy, connection and present-moment-awareness. Her light-hearted tone and affirmation remind everyone of us that our dreams are possible with a little courage! Enjoy inspiring illustrations and useful resources from this Luxembourg lady.

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Caroline Mauro

Divine Signs, A Crystaline Hike, & A Blossoming Business 

Caroline Mauro shares about finding the light during a dark time that illuminated her life path from which INDA creations was born. Now she creates healing products, inspired by Mama Earth. Be captivated by beauty, soul, and the incredibly rich sense of style and purpose that Caroline brings to her work.

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Linda Dieschbourg

Keeping creativity alive on the road from Crete to Chang Mai

My purpose in life is to thrive in creativity, to explore different versions of what happiness can mean and to give back and/or to have somebody to share this with. Luckily, I already have the perfect person to do this with: my husband, partner and soulmate David which I have known through 8 years of evolving together as human beings.

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Cristin Smith

I live for creating spaces that provoke depth--spiritually and emotionally--and inspire transformation.

I believe that the braver route is to spend some quality time with ourselves. We need to get in touch with who we really are and what we really want--not simply a Christmas list of things that can be bought, but the things that are going to truly satisfy our souls. We need to spend time with those uncomfortable thoughts and emotions that we keep locked away; let them emerge without judgment or fear. When I reflect on Ghandi’s wisdom, “Be the change you want to see in the world” I’m reminded that we cannot create or manifest something outside of ourselves that we don’t first internally possess. We must learn how to be gentle and kind to ourselves so we can then offer that same kindness and graciousness to our neighbor. We must journey inward in order to see change reflected outward.

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​Jen Boschma + Annie Walker

making jewelry with rural artisans + non-profits to help end poverty + injustice in the world

One of my hardest moments came about 6 months after I quit my job and sold everything (the very romantic story I shared above). My reserve savings was drying up, and in the same week I lost my part time job, my car was towed twice (a $1000 price tag) and my rent doubled unexpectedly. I literally found a quarter on the sidewalk and deposited it into my bank account and ate my roommates stale tortillas (thank you Julie Ordonez). I was that broke. I remember walking around Los Feliz (no car remember), where I was living at the time, and praying, begging, for the trials to stop. I was at the end of what I could handle and I needed help, a break. I wanted to quit. But something happened, and I didn't. I chose to stay in it. And things slowly, in teeny tiny steps, started coming together. A kind person picked me out of the audience at a game show and I won the exact amount I needed to pay for my tow tickets. A friend got me a job at a restaurant. Family members bought my jewelry. People took risks on me and introduced me to others who would ultimately build into the story that I'm living now. And today, 7 years later, I'm just dipping my toes into the dreams I've had forever. I think the journey can be a slow one that is built on the kindness of others, and made up of a bunch of times saying yes when you feel like you want to give up.

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