Dreaming Rituals with Jungles, Sexy Men, & Intention

Rituals and dreaming, the realm of mystics, astrologers, designers and artists... often not accessible to the average human being...

Well dreaming just so happens to be one of my favorite activities and I am also your average human being trying to make magick happen in my life. I'm here to tell you why combining the sacred, ancient practice of dreaming with the form and function of our daily lives will create huge transformative shifts.

In this article, you'll uncover...

  • My 3 Step Dream Ritual which includes vision boarding, journaling, and embodiment exercises that you don't need to be a psychic to tap into

  • How I collect images and the rules that help me go BIG

  • What I learned about my life partner using a list called "Things I'd Like To Do With You"

  • Why visualization and your works on a scientific level

1. See it.

Ah, visioning boarding! Literally, my favorite thing in the world… I do it for all of my clients… Yet, for some reason, I don’t do it for myself?! ...So last week, I finally started using my genius for my own benefit. I created a Pinterest board(a private one, but you can check out all my other boards here) called The Vision 2019, because, hey, it’s never too early to start imagining a new year! I gave myself a few rules for the board. 

  • Anything is possible. Meaning when I started thinking about the next version of me, I didn’t constrain myself with the idea of what I could afford or the type of guy that I could score or how much PTO I had for vacation this year

  • No slipping into lack mindset. When I noticed myself doing this, I would just remind myself that this is after all a “dream” and not a reality… It’s supposed to be slightly outlandish or else it’s kind of boring :)

  • Also, no need to be a brand design expert or Pablo Picasso, the final presentation can be messy. and it should be fun. If it's not fun, stop now.

  • Little tip: The easiest way to make your board more legible is to scale your images, some small and some large. You also use text and words to clarify.

After you've collected all of your images, save them out to your computer and plop them all in a lettersize Canva page(so you can print it later). Make sure you cover ever part of your life - your dream place, partner, hobbies, work, etc.

 Here's my Vision 2019.


2. Write It.

Give some words to your dreams. A few years ago, I had a horrible breakup with someone that I thought might be my life partner. I flew across the world to be with this Australian man and figured out pretty soon that this was not the partnership of my dreams. When I broke it off, I was heartbroken. I went home and a few month later met an awesome human who inspired me to love again. I started a list in my phone titled, “Things I Would Like To Do With You”, inspired by my friend Waylon Lewis’s Book. Everytime I thought of an experience that I would like to have with my new partner like “driving across the desert with the windows down and falling asleep with pink skin” or “making out on a surf board as the waves come in and fish nimble our toes” and the beautiful excerpt below, I would add them to a list in my phone.


Turns out this guy was also was not life-partner material, BUT he did help me get clear on what I wanted in a partner, because when I realized he wasn't able to satisfy my needs for travel, adventure, and motivation, it was easy to move on!

I’ve obviously done this exercise on a more personal level, but you can easily do this for your business or your career or whatever you like. This is how I’ve been able to align with the idea of a lifer partner and now I’m clear what is most important to me, not from my thinking mind but from the calling of my ecstatic heart, and I'm set out to find.

 Look at your vision board and notice the commonalities among the images. You might identify with certain themes that you can begin to apply to the practical. For me, it’s pretty clear that I need a house with a shit ton of plants, neutral colors, and rich materials - so I’m clearly not going to move to the desert and might consider relocating somewhere like Portugal or the PNW. My new style will be gypsy chic/rocknroll city gal - so I can stop buying so many frilly lacey dresses and pick up a new fringe back and another pair of my favorite high-waisted, destroyed Levi's.  

3. Believe It.

We believe in our visions by embodying them. The first step to moving on the journey is creating a pathway in the brain to walk down - essentially we imagine ourself into our dream relationship, career, and life! Did you know that your brain cannot distinguish the real from the non-real? One of my favorite facts around visualization is that if a person with this stroke imagines moving their immobile arm or leg, brain blood flow to that affected area increases and the surrounding brain tissue is saved. This means that visualizing ourselves doing something is basically the same as doing it.

We all know the age-old phrase, "If you can dream it, you can do it." I’ve always thought this saying was true and also just a wee bit idealist. Turns out, it's more truth than fiction. So, let yourself get lost in the fantasy. Think about how it will smell, taste, look, feel, and think about it ALOT!

The next time you get bored at your 9-5 or sit in the front of the computer with zero motivation to respond to emails, just remind yourself it's the next step to jungles and sexy men and a life of magick. Then, sneak off into the nearest quiet space, close your eyes and give your mind something to play with - that vacation on the Italian coast, immersion in the Amazon for your YTT, your first encounter with a lovely long-haired SNAG(if you don't know what this is pleeasseee click the link) who is also a badass CEO.

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Meg Jamison