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Amazon to Amazing | Attracting Her Dream Clients

I first met Amy at my workshop in Boston. We went out to dinner after the workshop. I was blown away by her career and her work for Amazon, Jeep, Progressive, Brooks Brothers. She casually mentioned her connection to HBO, Showtime, Imagine Dragons, her personal memoir, her professorship, I could go on. However as the conversation continued, I got the sense that Amy was ready for something new. As I got to know Amy, she told me that she loved the strategy and the big production part of her commercial gigs; she just also wanted to tell more stories and attract more fulfilling/impactful projects into her sphere.


Supporting A Shift In Perspective

In our first session together, after a long visualization, where Amy was dancing in grass, it became clear that Amy wanted to shift into a more creative role. Her current website was very corporate - dark grey and a trendy green, perfect for getting more big fish clients, super professional... and a little lifeless. It didn't resonate with this powerhouse female producer and director that was sitting before me. It lacked a certain flavor that we needed to find into which we could transition her whole visual story.

Change focus and niche-ing ourselves is a challenge. It requires that we let go of some of the parts of our career that we love, that we are proud of to find something more expansive. Amy had to release the whole polished aesthetic, the industry standard, to really stand out on her own. Once that occurred, we found the story that allowed this site to activate and come alive. 





We created this magical collage, including Amy's own handwriting on scripts, as well as drawings from art school which served as the inspiration for our entire design. After our session, Amy passed off the vision to a photographer and we were able to incorporate those photos along with film vignettes and on-scene shots.


Brand Story

Amy's brand is all about the process and her revolutionary approach. We focused on the importance of all phases of a film project, including the development phase which people often skip, to attract clients who wanted her expertise and creativity. This allowed Amy to get into projects early on to impact more deeply.

Here's Amy's new client pitch: We'll take risks, develop your project from start to finish as we instill the integrity & authenticity that your films have been missing all along. With a creative, dynamic, and efficient approach, we’ll create highly shareable content to make your voice heard.

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 4.51.03 PM.png

We wanted her clients to have a sense of this dynamic process, so we included lost of art, hand-drawn elements, and collage motifs!

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 5.00.12 PM.png

The Dream Clients Came

Before, Amy didn't feel comfortable with the way she was being portrayed online. Now, she looks like an absolute badass with a website that shows of her amazing commercial achievements and boldly calls in her dream clients, the storytellers, the idea lovers, and the new media curators! 

The investment in her site is paying off. The new top secret projects in Amy's pipeline excite her soul. Once Amy gets the go-ahead to make them public, I'll definitely be putting her latest accomplishments and inspiring endeavors here! Amy has also opened a (unofficially, maybe officially, feminist) production company and podcast called Pink Among Men. It is definitely worth a click. So inspired by this woman and it was an honor to work her!


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