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Health & Happiness Coach | Creator of Unique Yoga Events & Retreats

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From Anxious About The Future To Confident In Her New Offering

When Amy came to me, she was hosting dozen unique, sold-out yoga experiences throughout the year. She was already so successful in the eyes of others and yet, she was anxious and unsure about the future of her business.

You see, Amy been hiding a little piece of her soul away and didn't know how to bring it out. As a health coach, Amy had been serving people for almost 6 months, virtually in secret because she was afraid that her yoga clients wouldn't understand the intersection of her mindful yogic philosophy and the fundaments of health coaching. Together, we fused her offerings and created a brand that truly reflected her soul. Now, Amy exudes a sense of peace and ease and confidence in her unique role as a Health & Happiness Coach... because her approach is totally radical.


Rewiring Old Beliefs For New Results

On an energetic level, Amy and I did a lot of work on her unique value. Our guided meditations together revealed Amy's true love, which was running on trails as a young girl, being wild and feral. This sense of freedom is what makes Amy's coaching approach unique and allowed her to see how 1-of-a-kind her offering really was. We redefined her opt-in offering and her programs to reflect this adventure based approach that Amy had while romping around in the woods as a child!

 Transformative Life Shifts

During our work together, Amy stepped away from her studio job and added even more yoga events that fueled her soul. We crafted a free opt-in called, "The Field Guide To Happiness," that her clients are LOVING. Oh and she self-directed this badass photo shoot from our vision board.


vision + story


Amy takes her clients on a beautiful adventure, the journey to health is just as important as your happiness along the way. Here's how it works: You'll love your body on the way to results. You get to set clear, self-defined goals to guide your way. Say goodbye to rules and regulations of traditional health programs as you begin to experience a life of body FREEDOM. 

Amy is able to share her story because she's totally been there. As a part of her journey, Amy moved from a space of "self-imprisonment to an uncharted territory of total body freedom", as she integrated the above principles into her own life.


The Results Speak For Her Work

Within a day of launching her new website, Amy's list had grown by 15% as a result of the free offer that we created. She received 5 new client interest forms in a single day. 

Amy is now confident about her role as a health coach and a teacher. She understands that the biggest value she offers anyone online or in-person is her presence. This strong sense of who she is gives Amy a peace and certainty of her bright future!

Personally, I loved watching Amy transition away from working for a studio to live fully in her calling as a leader and a guide and her own CEO. Overjoyed, elated, grateful. 


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