Create Content With Your Story & Magnetize Dream Clients

Does this resonate? You want to write a blog post, but don’t know what to say. You know you should be posting to IG but it feels like a soul suck. You want to share your brilliance online, but the way you see others doing it doesn’t work for you.

If this is the case, you’re a soulful entrepreneur who knows that the online space/content creation is essential for your growth, but you also want to participate in a way that is authentic and heart-centered.


You don’t want to add to the noise of FB or IG by posting another photo of your acai bowl or your latest vacation in the Virgin Islands. You want to share about what matters most to you, so that others may benefit AND you also want to magnetize dream clients so that you feel fulfilled.

So if you open IG, stare blankly and the screen and inspiration does not arrive, it’s NOT because you don’t have anything to say. It’s because you’re not making a connection to the heart of the matter.

Which is totally normal by the way. Social media culture has modeled something for us that is totally inauthentic.

My story of breaking industry standard

When I first started showing up online, I had no idea how to show up in a way that could generate revenue for my new business. I was newly free from my corporate job and I was bored by 95% of the posts I saw o IG. Smiley photos, gorgeous vistas, 6 word captions “Loving life with my boo”, it just felt empty. So, I started telling stories that I thought would captivate and inspire others. I talked about being nomadic, my travels, and deeply personal experiences and what I was learning. I didn’t just the pretty parts, I talked about the struggles too! At first, it was scary, but the more I shared, the more confident I became and the more my business grew.

It is possible to show up as an expert and ALSO as an aligned, whole person who has real-life struggles and challenges. Here’s how to create content that will feel INCREDIBLE, aligned, soulful, and in-service.

  1. Use your darkest hour as a catalyst.

  2. Recreate your divine story.

  3. Channel your muse archetype.

  4. Magnetize your dream client!!

Use Your Darkest Hour

You're a lightworker who creates positive outcomes for your students, clients, and your community. You love positivity.

Do you ever feel like you avoid sharing your personal struggles publicly? “Talking about my problems is kind of a downer, and with clients, it’s also unprofessional.” I hear you, really, but unfortunately if we don’t talk about the dark stuff, the bright moments can’t really shine. They need contrast. Without a plot, a villain, a “darkest hour”, your story doesn’t exist.


One of the scariest and most rewarding things I ever did was to put my own secrets on blast. You can read Depression & DUI’s | Turning Darkness Into Divinity here. You’ll see that I don’t focus on the negative for the whole piece, I just frame it as the starting point of my hero’s journey.

Your challenges from the past become the catalyst for explaining the growth that is possible for your clients/community. This possibility generates excitement, momentum, and interest.

You become a magnet.

Recreate your divine story.

Now there is a way to leverage that darkness. Like I said the darkness is just the beginning. We don’t stay there. We start to rewrite our experience of life in a way that showcases how far we’ve come. There is a whole story framework that you can lean into to easily and quickly write any and all content..

No more sitting at the computer racking your brain for the next post. When you know the divine story framework, things just flow!

This framework, developed by StoryBrand, can be shared in one sentence. That’s right, it’s possible that you could communicate your entire story in one sentence.


Here’s what that sentence looks like. “A character with a problem who meets a guide who gives them a plan that leads them to success.” Yep, that’s it. So, essentially, you can start to fill in the blanks of your own story using the following statements as prompts: who you are as a character; what problems you’ve overcome; who helped you do so; what plan did you follow; and what are you able to experience now.

Once you have that sentence in place, it’s super easy to overlay onto your dream client, in a ways that says here’s what happened for me and I can show you how to make this happen for you too!

Having a clear story, this one sentence, will truly shift your understanding of what you’re on this planet to do.

Channel Your Muse Archetype

To really expand and grow, we develop further your role as a guide in the above narrative, the one who teaches.

We call this your Muse Archetype.

You’ll find her through embodiment practices as you uncover untapped potential and expand the parts of your persona that you love most.

Here are a few ways that you channel the most vibrant and authentic version of you.

If you’ve always wanted to have purple hair, lean into the Rebel and do it! If you feel like the way you present is typically pretty masculine and you’re missing the feminine, you could do a fake FB live and the whole time roll your hips, neck, and shoulder to call in the Lover who is all about enjoyment. Are you so, so serious and know that deep down, your silly, Jester type needs to come out?! Break through that boundary by sitting with someone you trust and make animal noises while they sit and hold space.


One time, my teacher encouraged me to say a whole bunch of random words that didn’t make sense. I stood there, muttering the first words that came to mind. When I paused, she would say, “What’s there now?” One time it was, catnip. The next time, it was just a random sound. I was terrified of seeming stupid and she knew that. After the exercise, a feeling of lightness washed over me; I didn’t have to be perfect. I just had to keep showing up.

It might seem silly to push this edge but, on the other side, your Highest Self is waiting.

As you play with your archetype; you will shift in ways that you had no idea were possible. You’ll get glimpses of the Muse within and, through the practice, it will slowly become your reality.

Call In Your Dream Clients & Community

You only need one embodied experience to remember how to do this again in front of a group or online community.

Now, you get to play with these things on your own time and remember who you are in moments that feel unclear and challenging. This work is only as effective as the extent to which you practice it in real life, sharing online, posting, blogging, writing, etc. Testing this it in front of others is confronting, but transformational. Your writing becomes more dynamic, your message clear, and your honest heart is a breath of fresh air.

We use your darkest hour, your divine story, and your muse archetype to shift how you show up, to call in your people, your clients, your tribe.

Photo :: Kelly Shroads Photo

Photo :: Kelly Shroads Photo


As we beam your story out into the world, we make SOUL the primary focus of your business and strategy comes second.

Here’s what happens for most people with online offerings and service-based business.

People make this mistake almost 100% of the time.

→ Going straight into strategy, instead of storytelling. “Buy this. Do that.”

It doesn’t work.


On a soul level, to sell anything, we have to speak to the heart and we have to speak from the heart. To attract real clients, the ones who understand you, who see your value, you don’t need to wow them with your latest branded photo shoot or even your incredible knowledge, you just need to show up, touch their hearts and add value to their lives.

*** If you don’t like social media, it’s because the way you’re showing up doesn’t allow you to connect with your clients on this level ***

Creating content with your story…

→ Feels in alignment and creates what you actually want

→ You share and teach from real life experiences to truly IMPACT.

→ You feel really confident and really clear on your mission and your brand.

You will overflow with inspiration, because we’ve broken the damn of what you felt was too personal to share and now its full transparency and authenticity

→ When you follow the method, there is so much less pressure, and so much more freedom.

→ You will magnetize people who fill you on a soul level, your co-hearts, soul siblings/soul family, and a partner in shine.

You no longer feel like you’re adding to the noise but instead you’re adding value to real people.

→ Everything is centered around serving your client and less about you which feels really spacious.

→ You also have structures and frameworks to write and share that really make sense and uncomplicates the whole act of showing up.

Wooo, girl. That was powerful, but this is powerful stuff.

If this is resonating, this is how I support my clients in a soul-filling and strategic 30 day container called Embody The Muse.

You can reach out about Embody The Muse by filling out the form below.


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