DesiRae Kraft

Intuitive Leadership Coach


Freedom From Overwhelm & Aligning With Her Soul

DesiRae came to me in the midst of an intensive online branding course. She was a busy entrepreneur, managing a full load of coaching clients while also doing her own branding work. It's often hard to see our own reflection accurately and this was happening to Des. Between sessions with clients, she was trying to squeeze in time to do self-branding; it was not only challenging but unproductive. She lacked clarity which we set out to uncover.

There was a lightness to DesiRae's current offering as a coach that didn't align with the depth of her guidance or incorporate her gifts as an intuitive. In our time together, Des and I created something that she describes as a "brand with a soul". This soulful-ness resonates the elegance and feminity that DesiRae reintegrates into the lives of masculine-minded female entrepreneurs.


Rewriting Her Process

This is where we spent a lot of our time. After going through this online branding course, Des's story wasn't fully developed. We needed to uncover what DesiRae was doing uniquely and a process to share that with her clients. It's scary to be asked to rewrite our story, and DesiRae had been telling hers using several phrases to describer her work that conflicted each other. I really pushed her to clarify her vision and tighten up the language that she used on social media and online. 

As I listened very deeply to the tone through which DesiRae spoke about her work, I infused her voice into the copy so that before her clients even signed up for coaching, they would feel like they already knew her. When we sound the same online and in-person, it creates trust.

We pulled out DesiRae's process and defined it as 3 parts -(1) releasing what's not serving to (2) embody your divine feminine essence (3) in order to manifest a more healthy self, business, relationships, wealth and sensuality. 





This luxury brand appeals to the entrepreneurial woman who feels like she's lost a bit of her soul on her journey to success! We did tons of custom content and gold-foiling. The result is sensual and high-end at the same time!


Brand Story

DesiRae uses the power of coaching to make changes in her clients life and business while using her intuitive skills to access their higher self. In this process, her client's gain clarity, tap into their soul’s deepest desires to turn their soul on in all areas of life and business.

As a coach, DesiRae has been where her clients are and is committed to being a catalyst for her client's soul by holding them accountable to act from their highest self and step more into their feminine flow. She opens up the space for authenticity, deep inner work through channeling and intuition to pull out the woman and badass empowered leader within.

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 4.51.03 PM.png

We passed off the vision board to amazing brand photographer, Kelly Eileen, who incorporate our vision into two branded photo shoots!


Reflecting A Sexy, Soul-Aligned Life & Brand

Often what we offer others is exactly what we need to give to ourself. This was definitely the case with DesiRae. She serves her clients so beautifully by pulling out their magic and simply needed someone to do that for her too! I came alongside and reflected the sensual, spiritual side of Des in art and words. That reflection was the missing piece. Now, DesiRae floats around in the online space like the powerhouse, sexy coach and intuitive that she is, not comparing herself to others, simply beaming out her essence like a glitzy, gold flash of light!

After the launch, 96 people have opted into DesiRae's online program and she continues to attract more and more clients that turn on her soul! 


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