How To Live Plastic-Free

Walking down the beach in Tulum, it is an OASIS. Miles of pristine land, migratory birds, crystal-clear waters… at-least so it seems, until I get past all of the resorts; something else comes into view, miles and miles of plastic waste washing onto the shore.

This isn’t a plastic shaming story. Please keep reading.

I am writing this to celebrate the positive side of a life without plastic.

This is a story about how being plastic-free feels EPIC, SEXY, amazing.


Eliminating plastic from my life(slowly) has been a journey, a beautiful challenge. I have done so, so much research in my quest and want to share it with everyone of you!

Below you will find of the resources for Plastic-Freedom

Sourced by many of my incredible Instagram homies(thanks ya’ll)!

Aside from all the environmental factors that have encouraged me to make this decision, I have found that what motivates me most is how amazing it feels to stop buying plastic. Let’s be honest. Walking down the street with a plastic bag doesn’t feel great. I don’t like the way plastic looks… I don’t like the way it feels. I don’t like the way it tastes. I don’t appreciate the quality of plastic products.

Nothing about plastic inspires me… so I decided to make the switch to beautiful, natural, highvibe products.

It’s been super helpful for me to understand our current plastic situation - why recycling isn’t the solution, what plastic actually is, etc. So I will share a brief education for us all, if you’re not interested, just skip to the bottom.

The not-so-sexy side of Plastic

The reason plastic feels shitty is become it comes from an unnatural place. It comes from oil, a product that exists many miles below the earth’s surface, far from human contact, well at-least, it used to be. You see, the Universe knew, that oil and oil products(plastic, polyester, etc.) are bad for human health and buried these emitters of CO2 that could kill our planet, deep below the earth’s crust.

Fossil Fuels 101
This is just good hippie education to throw at anyone who says fossil fuels are “Here for us to use.”

Check out Joe Rogan & Elon Musk on Fossil Fuels
Because who didn’t love this podcast where Elon Musk smoked pot for the first time. If you haven’t seen it, Tesla’s CEO is such a visionary.

why recycling isn’t helpful

Some people say, “Oh, but I recycle my plastic.” I love the idea, but turns out only 9% of plastic gets recycled. It turns out, plastic recyling is a broken concept, because the plastic will always turn back into the raw material for plastic production, keeping the amount of plastic steadily increasing as we continue to use it.

This short video “What Really Happens To The Plastic We Throw Away” is super helpful.

enter plastic-free ecstasy

Phew, okay, now we’re through the hard part, let’s get into how we can reduce our plastic usage. Perfection is not the point. Just practice and do the best you can, babes!

Food Shopping bliss

Bulk shopping is not only cheaper and less wasteful. You get buy the exact amount you need, so that you don’t have 500 additional pounds of chia seeds or matcha powder, when you just need a couple tablespoons. Also, your kitchen cabinet will slowly start to look like the boojy apothecary down the street, which is what we all want. Find a local bulk store in your area. They’ll even let you make product requests if you have a need, just like the old-school mercantile/country store days. I love it!

Remember your greeny bags for produce and of course recyclable bags and mason jars
Buy Produce Bags

When shopping, prioritize products/produce with the least amount of plastic package.


savy storage & byo meal idea

Nothing makes me feel more eco-sexy than bringing my own food in a metal bento box, whipping out my own utensils in the airport, wiping my mouth with a hanky, instead of plastic wrapped towels or Kleenex, and having a metal straw, instead of plastic. Just a better experience all around.

Bamboo Silverware & Metal Straw
Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial. I’ve carried these bad-boys with me for 5 years.

full bamboo set.jpg

Full Reusable Set of Above

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To-Go Wear Silverware

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Metal Straw

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I usually buy old napkins from Goodwill. I think they’re so cute or I cut up an old bedsheet.


Bento Box
These guys are amazing.

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Metal Tumbler
Don’t drink out of plastic please. When plastic is heated, it releases horrible compounds into the water. Boxed water or glass water, I believe, is always healthier if you have to make the decision.
This bottle has a strainer for tea, perfect for hot or cold bevvies.

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Beauty Products & toiletry love


The only plastic-free beauty brand that I can recommend at the moment.

This Highlighter is EVERYTHING
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Toothpaste Tablets
Just one bite and the tablet becomes toothpaste!

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Bamboo Toothbrush
All are not equal. On the words of my dental hygienist, please get the super-soft bristle ones for your gum health. This one does the trick.

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Deodorant, Lotions, Shampoo
Honestly, I am strictly using Ethique brand at the moment. I love all of their products.
Favorite product is the Ylang-ylang Body Butter Block for sure

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gorgeous Yoga Apparel

So yoga apparel is pretty much all practice. I kind of live in these clothes and while I have not gotten rid of all my clothes that have plastic components, I am committed to supporting these beautiful companies who are almost completely plastic-free! In the past I have purchased a lot of brands that use recycled plastic, I will be doing this less in the future because of recent micro-plastic research.

If you haven’t heard of micro-plastics, they are released into the water stream when our clothes are washed. They cannot be filtered out and make their way to oceans. There, they are consumed by fish, which we eat. The fact that we have cancer and other diseases, could be linked to this. “When plastics break down, they release toxic compounds such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons and polybrominated diphenyl ethers.  Many of these chemicals are already regulated because they are known endocrine disruptors, meaning they can interfere with growth, development, metabolism, and reproduction and some are carcinogens.” Article Source

So buy these beautiful brands! Just my two faves. There are so many more!


I absolutely love this gorgeous bamboo cotton company. The have beautiful basic patterns and leggings, as well as some funky cutouts and patterns.

Shop Now

For a good reason, you’ve probably heard of this company. Their commitment to caring for the environment is proven. They stand behind the quality of their clothes. If for any reason you do not love a product, you can return it for a refund. Not all products are plastic-free, so please check.

The products below are free of Polyester, but do contain recycled Nylon.

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Yoga mats

All of these have my full approval. There are some very prominent companies including Manduka, Lululemon, and others who use PVC and other harmful synthetics in their products. Be aware.

Ajna Wellness
Made from PER(a biodegradable resin) and natural jute.
This is the mat that I own because I love the texture and the price.
Buy Now

Jade Yoga
This is an industry clastic. Highly recommend.
A little pricier and the texture can be a bit slick.

Practice, not Perfection

Last but not least, just fall in love with nature, fall in love with yourself, fall in love with products that raise your vibration and your enjoyment of LIFE! The point is for this to be an unfolding, a personal evolution, so go at your own pace and enjoy it, please. The planet will love you right back.

Comment below with your favorite enviro-friendly rituals, practices, and products.

Thank you all for your gorgeous recommendations on my Instagram channel, let’s connect their too!

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