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I have not always been an ethical entrepreneur. For many years, I existed in a scarcity mindset. I thought, “I need to keep what I have for myself. Plus, entrepreneurship is hard, so I deserve the money I make more more than others.” On the flip side, I hated my relationship with money. “Couldn’t I do more with my hard-earned cash?”

Thanks to some wise teachers and very basic money principles, I finally have an abundant financial plan.

So why was I hating my relationship with money?!

Well, like a clingy girlfriend, I was clutching at cash, hoarding my resources, nickel-and-diming wherever I could to keep it all together. Then, about two years ago, I stumbled upon the idea of abundance mindset. I let go of money, knowing it would come back to me and sure enough, it did.

Now, I’m making more money than I ever have while giving more of it away, and it feels great.


Also, no one is paying me to say this, I just think you should know.

This plan is a pretty basic, a concept encouraged by most financial planners and my genius Father. I’m thinking perhaps you’re like me and don’t usually listen to advice until you’ve tried your way and realize it doesn’t work. So save yourself the time and follow this tested advice: Give To Others, Give To Yourself, Give To Your Future(aka Donate, Save, & Invest).

Ya, it’s kind of boring… but the energetics don’t lie. If you follow the steps below, not only will you make more money, you soul will be FILLED by this new found relationship.

First, we have to align around one thing:

We are abundance.

The very fact that we are alive is evidence of abundance. The Universe in it’s divine overflow decided that it would be good for all of us to be in existence. It is no mistake that you or I were born. The Universe creates out of abundance, and we are all the product of that overflow.

So if we want to get rich and give thousands of dollars away to solve world hunger/poverty/disease/etc., we have to reflect that overflow. No, I don’t mean going out there and buying a boojy handbag or packing your bags for Bali tomorrow because, “Abundance.” I mean, really, settling into a relationship with money that mirrors a wellspring, having something left over to give away to yourself and others.

Nomade, Tulum, MX

Nomade, Tulum, MX


Although, if you still feel Indonesia is calling, I will be the first one to encourage you to do that. See you there. ;)

Okay, so,

How Do We reflect abundance & Give, Give, Give

Now, that we’re all on the same page about this abundance stuff, we can step into the magick together.

This practice is not like throwing money in the plate at church. When you treat money like this, it ignites your soul and grounds you into Mama Gaia like nothing else.

  1. give to others

Give to organizations that you love and with whom you resonate. I respect big non-profits like United Way and Red Cross, but part of the fun of giving is seeing the impact, if you have a friend with a non-profit or a local entity that you’ve heard of, please give to them first!

Give to causes that align with your heart and make you light up.

If I asked you, “What do you care about most in this world?” and the answer is cats. You can support KittenLady.org. Actually, please support this adorable cat loving goodness.

This is important. Make sure to set up monthly donations through your chosen entities, so that this movement of funds becomes a ritual in your life. Also, add a “Giving” section into the budgeting software that you use.

2. give to yourself

Personally, I give to myself by investing in coaching. As a coach, this would be convenient for me to say, but honestly, it’s what I tell my clients and it is the truth. At this point, my 28th year, I’ve invested close to 20k in coaching, courses, and trainings after graduating college. They have all paid for themselves and reaped a huge return. Every single one.

If you prefer a traditional IRA, 401k, stocks, Bitcoin, whatever, that’s great, just make the commitment. Put the money down, throw it on the table and walk away repeating my favorite money mantra,

“I love money. Money flows to me like water,”

like the beautiful, money-making babe that you are! (Mantra thanks to You Are A Badass At Making Money.)

3. give to your future

I’m not the person who will tell you to save $ so that you can “have it on a rainy day”. While this saying might be kind of helpful, it’s definitely not inspiring.

With savings, focus on the energy of what you’re saving for.

Get really clear about the feeling of having that thing when you’ve saved X amount of dollars. Visualize yourself in that space. If it’s a house, walk over those 100 year old floors, gaze up at 12’ ceilings and sky high windows. If it’s a car, turn on the engine, roll down the window, feel the wind in your hair, drive to the mountains. That feeling is what will motivate when things get hard.

Right now, I’m saving for an investment property in my Nashville. I feel the keys in my fingers. I look out the window and see lush trees, ponds, outdoor baths, a garden.

From this space of excitement, it’s easy for me to say “no” to the next fancy party in Tulum or “no, thank you” to that gorgeous $300 handmade dress and “yes” to the home of my dreams.

So we just packed in a lot. Thanks for sticking with me, love!

Many of these concepts are from popular books like, “You Are A Badass at Making Money” & “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, more specifically, through my own life experience of being someone who went from in 2015 making $10k/year to now making close to 6-figures.

Whatever, the numbers are irrelevant.

The real point is… this year without a doubt, I feel amazing about my finances. I’ve been using these techniques for years and now have a firm commitment to practice them which feels divine. A huge thanks to my parents who are the most generous humans out there. I want you to feel awesome about your finances.

How are you giving away your $$$ this year?

Tell me in the comments below.

Loving you from Tulum,


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