10 Soulful Books That Transformed My Business


Over the years I’ve been turned off by smooze-y sales tactics and bored by mainstream business advice, the hustle/slay mentality and soul-less sales tactics never aligned with me. I constantly craved a more heart centered way to grow and sell my business,  so I turned to the spiritual world for guidance on my entrepreneurial journey.

A few weeks ago, I sat with my soul sister, Jeni, reflecting on this wild ride of life.

We shared our stories over a cup of coffee at a trendy Bnb in East Nashville. Learn more about my mini-retreats here. The conversation led to how I’ve created the success in my business while being nomadic and leading from a place of soul. I shared that much of my success has come from a few life-changing books and what they’ve taught me. We then, gabbed on, passing recommendations back and forth nodding our heads in agreement with each titles mentioned. We shared the deep life lessons of these teachings and they shifted the way I operate in my life.  

At the end of our weekend together, she asked, “Can you just send me a list of all these books?” “Of course I can.” So here it is.

These are the 10 books that have helped me to create a soulful personal brand with story-based marketing and a heart-centered sharing.

May we always tell our stories the heart. Enjoy, bella!

will change
your life.

  1. A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Donald Miller

In 2011 I got a DUI, read more about my darkest hour here, Depression & DUI’s | Turning Darkness Into Divinity. I started reading this book and it the words below changed the course of my life…

I started seeing my life as this magical story and I used the principles of the book to write a better story. It’ll help you develop a framework to write your own bio and epic content for your website. This book does have a spiritual undertone. If that bothers you, substitute the word “God” with “Universe” “Goddess” “Spirit”, read the Biblical stories as you would any other story, and you’ll love this book as much as I do.

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2. How To Write A Memoir In 30 Days by Roberta Temes

This is not intended to help you write a memoir, though it will. I began glancing through this book at the series of questioned posed to burst through writing blocks for my blog and creative blocks for my design work. Each day has a different topic, and I have found this to be the most interesting guide for journaling and becoming a true writer. I’ve used this books on the shores of Costa Rica and in the rainforest of Australia to jog my memories of the past. It provokes a deep reflection and an opportunity to reframe unresolved experiences.


tuning in,
keeps you turned on.

3. Perseverance by Margaret Wheatley

A beautiful topical book that has pulled me through my daily struggle to find mindfulness and patience in my life. When I feel like I can’t go on, when the trials of being a business owner are great, this is where I turn. One day, during savasana, my teacher read a passage called, Emotions, goes like this, “We move between to extremes feeling great then terrible happy then sad. These shifts don’t mean much.” If that isn’t the story of small biz, I don’t know what is! I ran up to her after class and she gave me this book on the spot. I find constant mantras to start my day and meaningful quotes to share with my community.


4. Think On These Things by Jiddu Krishnamurti

In this book, renowned spiritual teacher Krishnamurti is asked questions on various topics, such as education, work, death, dharma(life path), religion, and politics. There is a philosophical difference between Krishnamurti’s teachings and the aims of modern man. He says, “A mind which is seeking permanency soon stagnates; like that pool along the river, it is soon full of corruption, decay. Only the mind which has no walls, no foothold, no barrier, no resting place, which is moving completely with life, timelessly pushing on, exploring, exploding - only such a mind can be happy, eternally new, because it is creative in itself.” This unadulterated approach and critique on the structures of the western world are refreshing. His teaching inspire real, positive, and selfless action.

5. Turning to One Another by Margaret Wheatley

I use these questions daily to stimulate conversation in my meetings to remind everyone what’s most important. A series of incredible questions to ask your clients, partners, future employees, and, really, anyone to restore your faith in humanity. The additional bonus of inspiring an unique quotes and poems throughout makes this a super-charged read.

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6. Be Here Now by Ram Dass

Another survival guide for me to come back to the present moment. This is pretty much the modern bible for starchildren, sorry for being unoriginal. I just love this crazy read so much. When the to-do list is too long, when things are piling up and backlogging, even breaking down, flip to any page and just be right here.

7. Anam Cara by john o’donohue

The latest addition to my book list. Over the past 5 years of living semi-nomadically, I’ve fallen in LOVE with nature. I began to use nature as analogy for all my relationships to self and other, the 5 elements, the moon and sun, my greatest teachers. John O’Donahue offers a most delicate and earthy approach to the spiritual path by focusing on these essential connections. There are many resources that help me tap-in. However, these words allowed something deep within to align, “The body is in the soul.”

I especially love John’s thoughts around death. If you want to read about my own personal journey of embracing death, check out Death Turns Me On | Enlightenment, BDSM & Your Biz.

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lead with the heart
not the mind


8. MindBody Code by Mario Martinez

I have used the meditations described in this book along with a basic understanding on the mind-body connection to be more mindful always. The affect of the brain on the physical body and vice-versa has helped me feel more embodied and less stressed during work. However, the true benefit of this book is that I now lead with my body instead of my mind. Mario Martinez is a genius and on the forefront of some really superb research and science. Prepare to rethink everything you think you know about the body’s interworkings.

9. Start With Why by Simon Sinek

I confess, this read is slightly business oriented. If you want to steer clear of anything related to the world of business, skip ahead. If not, Simon Sinek is one of the most influential thought leaders in the realm of storytelling and marketing. In his TED talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” Simon explains how to bypass the cheesy marketing pitches and speak straight to the human heart. In this book, he expounds in detail on the topics aforementioned in his TED talk. Now, I communicate with my clients and with everyone in my life from the deep space of meaning and I start every client call or gathering with one question… “Why?”

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10. Eastern Body, Western Mind by anodea judith

For years, I didn’t believe in the Chakras, this is just a whole bunch of hoopla… right? During my yoga certification, this was one of the required reads. It profoundly shifted the way I think about the human body. There is a whole system of energy that functions inside the body, outside of the nuts and bolts of this incredible physical structure. Still don’t buy into the evidence of esoteric, spiritual theories , just read the book.


practice the art.

So often traditional marketing advice, the latest trend in business, and bestsellers get pushed to the forefront of how we think about our work.

However, as we open our ears to knowledge keepers in the world of psychology, medicine, and spirituality, we learn to tell stories with our lives, lead from the heart, and embrace a whole-person, integrated approach to our careers and our lives. We feel tuned in, inspired, clear aligned every single day.

And from this place, we understand who we are, where we are going and why. We can create from the soul with passion, purpose, determination, energy, and clarity. We flow through life. If you want to truly change and shift, it starts here.

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