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Lynn Cosyn

On Courage, Curiosity & Living A Cosy Life

Lynn Cosyn shares from her heart about what it takes to encounter and overcome fear to live in cosyness, vibrancy, connection and present-moment-awareness. Her light-hearted tone and affirmation remind everyone of us that our dreams are possible with a little courage! Enjoy inspiring illustrations and useful resources from this Luxembourg lady.

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Caroline Mauro

Divine Signs, A Crystaline Hike, & A Blossoming Business 

Caroline Mauro shares about finding the light during a dark time that illuminated her life path from which INDA creations was born. Now she creates healing products, inspired by Mama Earth. Be captivated by beauty, soul, and the incredibly rich sense of style and purpose that Caroline brings to her work.

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​Jen Boschma + Annie Walker

making jewelry with rural artisans + non-profits to help end poverty + injustice in the world

One of my hardest moments came about 6 months after I quit my job and sold everything (the very romantic story I shared above). My reserve savings was drying up, and in the same week I lost my part time job, my car was towed twice (a $1000 price tag) and my rent doubled unexpectedly. I literally found a quarter on the sidewalk and deposited it into my bank account and ate my roommates stale tortillas (thank you Julie Ordonez). I was that broke. I remember walking around Los Feliz (no car remember), where I was living at the time, and praying, begging, for the trials to stop. I was at the end of what I could handle and I needed help, a break. I wanted to quit. But something happened, and I didn't. I chose to stay in it. And things slowly, in teeny tiny steps, started coming together. A kind person picked me out of the audience at a game show and I won the exact amount I needed to pay for my tow tickets. A friend got me a job at a restaurant. Family members bought my jewelry. People took risks on me and introduced me to others who would ultimately build into the story that I'm living now. And today, 7 years later, I'm just dipping my toes into the dreams I've had forever. I think the journey can be a slow one that is built on the kindness of others, and made up of a bunch of times saying yes when you feel like you want to give up.

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Leila Johnson

FOLK Ayurveda | A Love of Nature and Connecting with Earthy Remedies

What supports me being a soul-preneur is surrounding myself with the right people and with the world the way it is. My team is globally hand picked. I am so grateful for this accessibility and the great collective mix of influencers that I collaborate with.  I love how the world is so available as I am able to have brand designers based out of Stockholm and L.A., my label artist lives in the countryside of Europe, and my business coach and marketing gals are in New York City.  

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