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Lynn Cosyn

On Courage, Curiosity & Living A Cosy Life

Lynn Cosyn shares from her heart about what it takes to encounter and overcome fear to live in cosyness, vibrancy, connection and present-moment-awareness. Her light-hearted tone and affirmation remind everyone of us that our dreams are possible with a little courage! Enjoy inspiring illustrations and useful resources from this Luxembourg lady.

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Sarah Magidoff

CANOPY | Big ideas with unforgettable brand design.

I love, love, love people. I love dreaming together, I love encouraging one another, I love seeing life from someone else’s eyes, I love moving toward goodness together.

But that’s not always what my daily work life entailed. Starting out as an architect, I designed high-rise buildings for big-time corporations. I loved the work, but after many years in the field I discovered my soul longed for human connection. So, I took a risk, left my job, and began a meaningful search for what was next. Fortunately, 3 beautiful friends - a jewelry designer, a stylist, and a founder of a nonprofit - asked me to help design some of their brand assets. After three successful deliveries, I was hooked. I discovered that working one-on-one with passionate individuals was so my jam.



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