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Linda Dieschbourg

Keeping creativity alive on the road from Crete to Chang Mai

My purpose in life is to thrive in creativity, to explore different versions of what happiness can mean and to give back and/or to have somebody to share this with. Luckily, I already have the perfect person to do this with: my husband, partner and soulmate David which I have known through 8 years of evolving together as human beings.

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​Jen Boschma + Annie Walker

making jewelry with rural artisans + non-profits to help end poverty + injustice in the world

One of my hardest moments came about 6 months after I quit my job and sold everything (the very romantic story I shared above). My reserve savings was drying up, and in the same week I lost my part time job, my car was towed twice (a $1000 price tag) and my rent doubled unexpectedly. I literally found a quarter on the sidewalk and deposited it into my bank account and ate my roommates stale tortillas (thank you Julie Ordonez). I was that broke. I remember walking around Los Feliz (no car remember), where I was living at the time, and praying, begging, for the trials to stop. I was at the end of what I could handle and I needed help, a break. I wanted to quit. But something happened, and I didn't. I chose to stay in it. And things slowly, in teeny tiny steps, started coming together. A kind person picked me out of the audience at a game show and I won the exact amount I needed to pay for my tow tickets. A friend got me a job at a restaurant. Family members bought my jewelry. People took risks on me and introduced me to others who would ultimately build into the story that I'm living now. And today, 7 years later, I'm just dipping my toes into the dreams I've had forever. I think the journey can be a slow one that is built on the kindness of others, and made up of a bunch of times saying yes when you feel like you want to give up.

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Lila DeLieto

Reminding people who they are and who they always have been through photography, healing arts, and circus

I don’t think I have ONE most difficult moment. I think I have a collection of crazy difficult moments, that were only there to help break me open. The difficultly comes in waves. It ebbs and flows with its qualities of intensity. When we unplug ourselves from the structure that’s been in place since before we were born, there’s bound to be an unraveling process.




Remembering our power as sovereign beings.

A crazy journey back to the HEART…

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The Great Anomaly

Giving couplepreneurs a place where they both belong and helping them live their big picture plan

Nick and I have started our entrepreneurial journey separately. He started writing an e-book about nutrition; I started as a branding coach. In this process, we learned a lot about ourselves and how we were relying on each other all the time. Eventually, we took the most logical decision and decided to join forces to build one business together instead. This is where the magic happened. Even though it hasn’t been easy at times, we have faced the challenges together. It has made us grow and love each other even more.

The strength that we have together as a couple and as business owners allow us to live anywhere we want in the world and enjoy our coupleship way more than before.



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