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Client overview

A collaboration with Rhizome Apothecary and Midnight Rambler for an incredible Denver, Colorado event, a day of magick and whimsy for the modern and mystical woman! 


  • Logo
  • Web Design
  • Invitations & Flyers


the story


Lola's story is all about a retro meets modern aesthetic, a blending of the old and the new to model Lola's story of sorting through the past to the tiny life of her dreams. We wanted to create something whimsical and bold, just like Lola's shiny personality. In blending bold pops of color with blockstyle and retro illustrations and a 1960's feel throughout, readers understand instantly this is not just another white girl with a tiny home.

We topped it all off with some custom illustrations!




A simple mark with an art deco flair and custom handwritten font.



We created custom invites for event participants, as well as flyers to pass out around town.

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online space

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