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2018 soul+work calendar

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Creative Coloring Spreads

Journal Prompts/Meditations

Monthly Intention Setting


an alchemical journey

to living dreams

There once was a wise woman who forgot how to dream. 

She wandered all day in a great hazy web of confusion, looking this way and that. Until one night, out of the fog, an ancient being appeared in the moon. With one deep breath, this cosmic muse whispered to her the story of her soul. Clear-seeing, it came in a moment. All of the cobwebs of her old life cleared, and in the opening was her connection to everything.

Do you feel a call to the wild? A space where your soul can be free.

This is a lifelong model, a set of tools and a devotional practice, to help you go within and integrate inspiration into every area of your life.

Your soul longs to work with the elements.
To dance in the wind.
To walk on the earth.
To be forged in the fire.
And reborn in the water.
Your soul longs to be with it's own essence.

.:. 2018 Soul+Work Calendar .:.
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practical magick

how it works

Be productive by creating time for stillness. This balance is the key to living mindfully. Take a little bit of time for yourself and create abundance for your life and work. 

Sit down. Begin each month by setting intention. Here's how The Soul+Work Calendar will make 2018-2019 the year of dreams.


coloring spreads

Studies show that coloring reduces anxiety, creates focus and brings about more mindfulness.  When you tap into these concepts, a sense of clarity follows and clear action comes easily. Creativity is your natural state.


journal prompts

Often, we get bogged down in the details of daily life, and when we're stuck in the technicalities, thinking about the bigger picture is impossible. These inspiring prompts will help you get in-touch with the real desires of your soul and help put them into action.


planning tools

We believe in setting intention. A goal is something you must attain, but an intention is a step in the direction of your dreams. We've included exercises to guide you as you imagine this vision. 

dream on.

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This is my prayer.

I'm Meg, the weaver of this intentional calendar, and for much of my life, I believed the voices that told me I shouldn't be a creator. Those voices told me to disconnect from my truest self, to do something more "efficient." Many of us have had a similar experience, but I believe it's possible to tap back in. << Thankfully, this work woke me up >> to a revelation that creativity is essential to being alive. My prayer is that this little calendar would define a creative spark that will spread to all areas of your life. I hope you create to a more magical existence by tapping into Source, by creating space for yourself, to unlock your deepest bliss and purpose.

Thank you for doing Soul+Work! It will change the world.


love for the calendar

"I love looking at my Soul+Work calendar. It inspires me and makes my workspace more beautiful. It's hard to say if I enjoy the art or the opportunity to color, plan, and create more!"
— Kelsey L, OR, USA

"I love Soul+Work. I love the intricacy of the drawings, and how good they look whether you choose to color them or not. I love the quality of the materials and packaging. I love that seeing it inspires me to think positively about myself and my life."
Kirran B, CO, USA

"I bought one of these calendars for everyone on my gift list. My stepmom loves the quality of the paper and has been watercoloring her dreams all over the beautiful designs."
— Laura G, TN, USA

"This art is absolutely gorgeous. I love having it around to inspire me and remind me of my intentions. The combination of big picture, long-term goals, and weekly intentions has been great for helping me to prioritize and focus!"
— Angela W, IL, USA


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