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our products are created with this intention

  • Being more mindful & inspired daily

  • Creating space & opening to deepen spirituality

  • Tapping into simple, yet powerful tools to plan your dream life

  • Moving from a place of disconnect into an experience of creativity & inspiration

  • Living with wonder, awe, & a whole lot of soul


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.:. 2018 Soul+Work Calendar .:.
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Soul+Work Notebook .:. Cosmic Alignment
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And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

want a custom piece? 

i can do that too :)

We'll work together to set intention your life, your work, or space & adorn it with sacred shapes and blessings.


Most recent project .:. Painting Cermony :: Healing


"I love looking at my Soul+Work calendar. It inspires me and makes my workspace more beautiful. It's hard to say if I enjoy the art or the opportunity to color, plan, and create more!"
— Kelsey L, OR, USA

"I love Soul+Work. I love the intricacy of the drawings, and how good they look whether you choose to color them or not. I love the quality of the materials and packaging. I love that seeing it inspires me to think positively about myself and my life."
Kirran B, CO, USA

"I bought one of these calendars for everyone on my gift list. My stepmom loves the quality of the paper and has been watercoloring her dreams all over the beautiful designs."
— Laura G, TN, USA

"This art is absolutely gorgeous. I love having it around to inspire me and remind me of my intentions. The combination of big picture, long-term goals, and weekly intentions has been great for helping me to prioritize and focus!"
— Angela W, IL, USA