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a personal branding course

Begins April 22


hi love,

Ever been here? You’re scrolling through IG and you stumble across a beautiful photo, a poetic, inspiring caption and you think, “I’d love to share like that, but I’m just not ready. Besides, my story isn’t as interesting. I’m not a writer. I’m not an artist. I’m not super creative.”

Maybe this thought pattern shows up in other places, “One day, I’ll start meditating. Next week, I’ll write that post. Soon, I’ll start drawing or painting again.”

The Universe is calling for you to step into your creative essence. The path is practice. The vision is your unique personal brand.


I’m Meg and I’ll guide the way. I share this work because, in my younger years,, my lack of self-expression turned into a dark depression. Creativity helped me come alive again.


this course is for everyone

If you have a pulse, creativity is in you.

  • 100% for you if you don’t have a clear vision for your future

  • Especially for soulful entrepreneurs and wellness professionals who don’t have the time and energy to conjure up inspiration everyday

  • Those who want to find their inner artist and bring creative flow to their experience 24/7

  • The yogi in you who wants to meditate/practice daily but can’t find the space

  • Your Goddess Archetype who needs to shine as the most vibrant, luminous version of you 


our tools

We’ll look at your story with direction prompts and structures to improve your writing and help you turn your life stories into art.

You do not need ANY art background to do this. We’re just using pencil on paper and a program called CANVA to recreate yourself visually.

movement + breath.png

With a focus on Kundalini-inspired practices and breathwork, we tap into Source and connect with your essence. Be prepared to have an increased capacity to flow.


We use visionboarding and lifestyle design to recreate your dream life. We’ll touch on your personal style which is the foundation of your brand.

Through this course you will:

  • Find flow, peace, and inspiration in your everyday life

  • Access more freedom on social media, in the meeting room, and in your relationships

  • Become your own healer, guide, and therapist

  • Be seen by others as the true light that you are

  • Find a way to share from the heart that feels safe, authentic, and dynamic 


how it works


All you have to do is show up and open a channel to your Higher self. We’ll do these exercises for 21 days, because that’s how long it takes to make it a ritual!


Delivered right to your inbox M-F for 4 weeks in easy to follow audio and video format. We give the brain easy tasks to reconnect with the heart.


Let your brilliance be reflected back to you every week through group calls and an incredible online community.

what you get

Essential program

Daily Practices & Checkins M-F for 21 Days
Weekly Coaching Circles*
Welcome Kit
24/7 Support in An Online Community

vip program

All of The Above ++
A 1:1 Session With Me
Access to Me through Slack For Support
Feedback on All Your Content Thru Google Drive

Limited to 20 Humans


Access to weekly creative panels with industry leaders

*For dates, check out our schedule


our modules

Your story is everything. Maybe you feel unclear on what that story is, your purpose, your Why. This is where we begin.

weekly overview graphics1-01.png

We’ll turn your darkest hour into the greatest story. Unresolved secrets and shame will start to make sense.

weekly overview graphics-02.png

Every moment becomes meaningful, each interaction, a lesson for your awakening. Feel this support.

weekly overview graphics1-03.png

Channel your Muse Archetype, to re-envision what is possible for your life. Experience the biggest version of you.

weekly overview graphics2-04.png

Use this story to call in your people, your clients, your tribe. We’ll blast your message out to the world.


client love


It was a deep dive into my psyche that opened up a whole new portal and

showed me how I could be authentically me AND be a successful entrepreneur.

It made me realize how in some ways I’d inhibited myself from dreaming really big, how I’ve been aiming too low and how big the possibilities really are.

Gina Piccalo, Astrologist

Meg allowed me to live in my body in a new way and I am deeply grateful for that.

Sarah, Consultant

Before meeting Meg, I was struggling to find my brand identity and professional voice.  I felt lost and stuck, but did not know what to do next.  

With Meg’s guidance and creativity, I am now attracting more clients who feed my soul and make me come alive. 

Jessica Smith, Therapist

I was unsure I could create a clear identity to attract my ideal clients, and still leave room to grow.

Meg's experience and guidance helped me move through the process with ease and trust, every step of the way…

Kelly Shroads, Photographer


maybe you’re thinking,

It’s not the investment for me right now or I’ll do this next time.

You could…

a | Keep doing what you’re doing
You will likely continue to run through life disconnected, drained, and uninspired.

b | Look into your soul
See what’s already there, step into this practice and your highest Self by joining us.

You don’t need to change or transform to find yourself.
Who you are is more than enough.
Let’s magnify your message and your personal brand.

embody the muse

Begins April 22nd