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a spiritual experience

For Creative Humans Who Want To Expand


hi love,


Ever been here? You stumble across a beautiful woman, her essence captured with an inspired poem and a serene pose. The way she moves is effortless; the rhythm to which she flows is unique.

You think, “I’d love to show up like that, but I’m just not ready yet. Besides, I’m not an artist or a writer. I’ll start sharing a few years from now.”

You think you need a business coach or a content calendar, a rebrand or a new website, but what you truly needs is daily access to the one-of-a-kind essence that lives in you.

The woman you want to embody is already here and now.


i’m Maya.


I share this work because, in my younger years, a lack of self-expression turned into a dark depression.

My fear of being in the spotlight in conflict with my desire to be seen by others exploded into a spiral of self-destruct.

Reconnecting with my creativity helped me come alive again, to embrace myself, to find my own kind of magick and channel the Muse within...

and it also fundamentally changed my business.


this course is for everyone.

If you have a pulse, creativity is in you.

  • 100% for you if you don’t have a clear vision/voice for your brand or your life

  • If you are someone who struggles with depression

  • If you think that marketing and content creation is soul-less work

  • Especially helpful for hustlers who don’t have the time and energy to conjure up inspiration everyday and find themselves burnt out

  • Those who want to find their inner artist and bring creative flow to their experience 24/7

  • The yogi in you who wants to meditate/practice daily but can’t find the space

  • Your Goddess Archetype who needs to shine as the most vibrant, luminous version of you 


our tools

Your life story is where we begin. You are the nucleus of your life. With direct prompts and structures to improve your writing, we’ll turn your story into a powerful message.

You do not need ANY art background to do this. Visualization is the key to getting what you want. We experience this through our guided practices that will open your third eye.

movement + breath.png

With a focus on Kundalini-inspired practices and breathwork, we tap into Source and connect with your essence. Be prepared to open the flood gates of creative FLOW and feeling everything.


In the final module, I’ll pass off some of my key business teachings for those of you who want to launch a new offering or service at the end of this program.

The way we teach business is from your inspired creation.

here’s the real story.

For a long time, I thought my business was successful because of how good I was at creating brands and writing stories.

Now, I understand that people were attracted to me because of the energy I exude, the boldness I feel, my willingness to keep showing up, and the vulnerability that I gift to others just by being.

An embodied woman is contagious and mesmerizing
because she embraces her shadow and blesses the world with honesty.


how it works


All you have to do is show up and open the channel. We’ll do these exercises for an entire month. Sessions are channeled moments for soul-access; they do not feel like work.


Delivered right to your inbox M-F for 4 weeks in easy to follow audio and video format. We give the soul an opportunity to reconnect with your work in this world.


Let your brilliance be reflected back to you through group calls and a personalized session.

what you get


4 weeks of video content

Daily Practices M-F for 21 Days
Delivered to your inbox
Also available to you for replay through Thinkific forever

a session with me

I mirror your essence.

In our 45 minutes together, we’ll get clear on what needs to shift for you to become the Muse that you already are.

I’ll offer customized practices and review any of the work that you’ve done. We touch every part of your world - your work, relationships, self-love, etc. It’s all connected.

Love you already.


Exclusive access to key online modules from my
Business Embodiment Mentorship
This is high value educational content that every online/creative entrepreneur needs, which combines spirituality and business.

Total investment $555


what to expect

weekly overview graphics21-01.png

We work specifically on your fear of showing up online, in your work, your relationships by embracing the shadow and getting really intimate with death.

weekly overview graphics21-02.png

You’ll understand your unique story and your message in a way that feels clarifying, authentic, and liberating.

weekly overview graphics21-03.png

Tap into Universal intelligence and feel divine information pouring in. Channel the Muse in you and the essence that she wants to bring.

weekly overview graphics21-01.png

Create content online that actually inspires you, encourages conversations that are important to you in a way that fills you up… instead of sucking your soul.


client love


Before meeting Maya, I struggled with the steps to move my voice and writing forward.  During Embody the Muse, I immediately felt connected to the writing prompts, reflections, and shared space with other group members. I felt seen and heard in a way that helped me affirm my creativity and essence. 

Working with Maya is like receiving soul notes from the heavens – she embodies playful and soulful energy that nurtures vulnerability and trust and helps me cut out all the noise around decision-making. She’s great at holding space and guides me deeper to air out my insides and reimagine a more fulfilling life. 

As a result, I gained more confidence to go deeper with my storytelling, received more clarity about my book outline and messaging, and where to focus my efforts. I’m now completing a 20-page booklet offering to build my social media channels and exposure for my book.

Sadiqua Hamdan, Freedom Writer

When I started Embody The Muse, I was extremely depressed and overwhelmed. I knew I should be showing on social media and building my personal brand, because I just felt like I couldn’t.

What I learned through this practice is that I need to create space. When I create that space, ideas come to me like crazy. There were moments of clarity when my whole life made sense and I knew clearly what I’m supposed to do, like light beams of information coming through.

Through the process, I have added more tools to my tool box. I’m able to see the whole picture. I feel so much more in-tune with myself and find it easier to connect with other people and be in the present moment.

Meghan, Graphic Designer


maybe you’re thinking,

It’s not the investment for me right now or I’ll do this next time.

You could…

a | Keep doing what you’re doing
You will likely continue to run through life disconnected, drained, and uninspired.

b | Look into your soul
See what’s already there, step into this practice and your highest Self by joining us.

You don’t need to go through a spiritual transformation to become “her”.
She has been there all along.

Together, we magnify your magic and channel divine intelligence.

Experience your most essential self, fall in love, and stay there.

embody the muse