So, you’re scrolling through IG or Facebook and you stumble across the work of a gorgeous woman. A beautiful photo, a perfectly thought and caption and you think, “I’d love to share like that one day, but my story isn’t as interesting and I could never present myself so poetically. Anyways, who has the time and energy to write something like that!?”

Deep down though, maybe you really do want to show up bigger and better, but you just don’t know how.

I’m here to say it doesn’t take that long and it’s not so energy intensive. Stepping into creativity, it just takes practice.

20 Minutes A Day

All you have to do is show up to open the channel to your spiritual self.

Simple Daily Practices

Delivered right to you. We’ll give the brain easy tasks to do as we reconnect with the heart.

1:1 Support

To make sure that you feel nurtured by a community and get your brilliance reflected back to you. You will have access to reach out to me whenever you want,

this course is for everyone

If you have a pulse, creativity is in you. It is the heartbeat of the Universe.

  • Especially for soulful entrepreneurs and wellness professionals who don’t have the time and energy to conjure up inspiration everyday

  • Those who want to find their inner creative self to bring peace and flow to their everyday experience

  • The yogi in you that wants to meditate/reflect everyday but can’t find the space

  • The part of you that wants to show up as your most vibrant, luminous, and aligned self

Hey Love, I’m so glad you’re here.

This is my story of being the girl who cried everyday before dance class, who hid under the table when my teachers would call on me, who still gets crazy butterflies when I share and teach.

Ignoring my creative passions almost killed me, I share my full story in the video below.

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what you get

Daily Practices
Daily Checkins
Weekly Coaching Circles
(1) 1:1 Session With Me
Welcome Kit
24/7 Support in An Online Community
Access to Me through VOXR for individual support
Editing of All Content Posted To Our Google Drive

Bonus Material

Access to weekly creative panels with these industry leader

Our Modules

Personal narrative, prose, writing prompts daily to stimulate your creativity and processing of your biggest life stories, setting you up to write impactful blog posts, IG captions and more

We’ll use self-portraiture to figure out how you see yourself

With a focus on Kundalini-inspired practices and yogic breathwork, we will revitalize and supercharge your whole daily experience.

We’ll use visionboarding and lifestyle design to recreate your dream environment, personal style, and more.

Everyone Of Us A Story To Share

Together, we’ll put out your essence. You’ll become your own healer, your own therapist. Life will start to feel magical again. Every moment will be meaningful. Everything becomes a lesson for your awakening.

See the lessons in everything.

If you continue to go about your life, thinking, “Well, I don’t have brilliant stories like she has.” Of course, you do! You just don’t take a moment to stop a look for them.

This takes work.

my testimonials

Maybe you’re thinking

It’s not the investment for me right now.

This new clothing item or the latest weightloss technology is really going to make me feel like a muse.

Maybe next time

My body/mind aren’t ready for this kind of a soul-shaking revolution right now.

Tell me, what is more essential,

Than coming alive to your deepest truths and desires to create the life of our dreams.

Your Options

a-Go hire a lifecoach to help you find this stuff, spend time and $$$ working through this stuff

b. Keep doing what you’re doing and run through life disconnected and drained


Look into your soul

and see what’s already there.

You don’t need to change or transform or anything to find these clear answers.

Connect to the muse within

Listen to what she wants

Through this course you will:

  • Find flow, peace, and inspiration in your everyday life

  • Access more freedom on social media, in the meeting room, and in your relationships

  • Become your own healer, guide, and therapist

  • Be seen by others as the true light that you are

  • Find a way to share from the heart that feels safe, truthful, and passionate

you are the muse

Commit to your practice, find your voice, inspire the world, create your dreams.