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soul + your work



about the planner

do soul+work.

Do you ever find it super difficult to get things done? Yeah, us too! And we're all thinking, it shouldn't be so hard. So we set out to change all of that. To get what our hearts needs and what our businesses needs. The Soul+Work Planner is your key to staying inspired through the week and checking things off the to-do list.




how it works

a little sneak peek

In the morning, you'll open up your planner to do some soul-filled writing and plan the rest of your day. The Soul+Work planner has daily journal questions and readings, our customizeable to-do list along with inspiring quotes and doodles for you to play with. It is our intention that this planner will help you stay soulful in the grind of life and connect you even more to the work of your spirit. And the best part is, it's free!



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