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Client overview

This project is the latest conception of Caroline Mauro of INDA Creations. Caroline is no newcomer to the styling scene. She has been styling for fashion legends like Barney's NY, Free People, Anthropologie, ALEX AND ANI, and more for over ten years, and with INDA Styling, Caroline steps out on her own to combine healing and styling in a unique and dynamic offering. 


  • Storytelling
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Brainstorming & Strategy


the story


Our story ignites with this revolutionary statement. "This isn't about what you wear, really. This is a revolution to realign with you highest self. This also isn't What Not To Wear. We dont' care about trends or being "age-appropriate" or "business professional" or "trendy" or "purging". We cares banishing your inner style demons to call in your divine style spirits."

In this project, Caroline and I worked together to conceptualize a language around style healing that felt authentic to provide Caroline with more possibility and a clear voice.

We also worked on creating an offering that combines sitting down over tea, an INDA-styled tarot deck, a style reading, a palo santo closet cleanse, and more to attract high vibe style dreamers to this unique opportunity to experience their most authentic self.


online space

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