jessica smith

experiential, movement-based therapy


Client overview

Find Your Wild. This is the adventure that movement-informed, Denver based therapist, Jessica Smith, invites her clients on. Therapy with Jessica begins with opening of the physical body to create freedom in all areas of your life. Our work together invited in a deeper level of commitment to her movement-based practice.


  • Web Design
  • Logo
  • Custom Graphics
  • Business Card


the story



A session with Jessica is a creative experience. No two sessions are alike. The body is the key to exploring inner wildness and this adventure is all in your hands. 

We wanted to invite this feeling of creativity with handwritten fonts, charcoal paper backgrounds, and collage inspired captions, as well as with lots of original art.


06 27 2017 jessica smith brand board.jpg



A view into the wild, a new experience, a new outlook, is what Jess and I were seeking for with this portal-inspired moon. Fonts are feminine, but strong, but like Jessica.

This is a full logo pack complete with type mark, icon, large art, and full logo.


business cards


online space


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