Embodied Business Mentorship

A Sacred Container To Crystalize Your Vision

branding + online biz foundations

3 Month Coaching Program


hey love,

Let me see if this resonates, so you’re either just launching your businesses or you’ve been doing this for years, regardless, the way you’re showing up online is a little all over the place or non-existent.


want a total transformation?

Just like the caterpillar that has no idea what it will be come, you are ready to show up in your brilliance. You want the perfect combo of business structure + intuitive magick and you’re ready for someone to hold you through this next evolution.


Here’s what’s possible in our work together.

+ Lean into your shadow to find
an authentic brand

+ Understand your story and your unique value in your industry

+ Learn how to share your story vulnerable and still be seen as an expert

+ Formulate your magic process(core methodology) to be recognized

+ Magnetize dream clients thru social sales

+ Feel like a vision online & show up with clarity

+ Have a website that is 100% you and also converts

+ Finally have a biz structure that makes sense

+ Create a vision for your future that inspires YOU


i'll be your guide.

My name is Maya. As your Spiritual Business Coach, I will listen deeply to the calling of your heart and encourage you to be even more authentically you. 

Over the last 5 years, I built my online branding business from scratch, my design and writing education helped, but I truly learned everything the hard way, did it all backwards, and then put it together again. I wish I had hired someone like me and asked for help at the very beginning. I’m here for you now.

Read My Butterfly journey

our path


Embrace The Unknown

It’s okay. The darkness is the cocoon. I’ve got you and there is transformation on the other side.


Clarify Your Story

Once you purpose and your story are refined, everything becomes clear.


Share It Online

Learn how to show up like the brilliant human that you are and reflect the most radiant version of you.


Grow Your Biz

You do not need millions of followers or a large website to make $, you simply need to follow the steps, find your story, and share it with the world.


what we cover

Tuning Into Your Essence

We’ll help you find your story and a vision for your entire brand that feels like you and helps establish you as a your own niche. I’ll teach you the story framework that will help you communicate clearly and effectively is 5 sentences of less. We’ll identify your dream client so that we magnetize clients that fill you up. Our vision board will serve as the guiding light for all this work.

Outcome :: You won’t feel like you need to hide. You’ll understand what you uniquely have to offer and how to set yourself apart from everyone else in the industry by just being you. You will know how to identify your dream client, so that you can find her online and in-person. You’ll free ignited and inspired by the activations, meditations, visualizations, and practices that you will receive as a part of this module.

Setting Up your Online Presence

We will set up all your channels such as your website, social media, and email. This is the rewiring that needs to happen for your business to actually be effective.

Outcome :: You will go from feeling like an all-over-the-place, unclear mess online to having clear branding, messaging. Your bios will beautiful, unique, and consistent across the board. We’ll infuse story and flavor into every part of your business. We align all of the words with beautiful branded content.

Showing Up like a pro

We’ll create a basic and accessible content strategy for your channels. I’ll teach you how to show up online in your heartspace/story and to also teach like a expert. You’ll learn how to write copy and create content for your blog and social media.

Outcome :: Instead of talking to the void, your mission and purpose will be clear. I will hold you accountable to show up and share your story, so that you can radiate your magic. You will expand and grow your audience. You will understand how to distribute one piece of content over multiple channels and platforms, so that social media turns into a well-oiled machine.

Calling In Clients & Community

Here’s the thing, once you show up like this, you’ll love being online and you will start magnetizing client through social engagement, having incredible conversations and forming new client relationships/potential co-creators all day everyday. We’ll develop ways to turn those connections into paying clients and to offer in-person events/workshops/retreats to attract even more potential clients.

Thus the evolution of who you are will continue as you deepen with your dream clients and your new community. You’ll feel a freedom to let you brand change and evolve overtime.


just take it from my clients


"When I started my time with Meg, I was frazzled. I was all over the place. I had so many topics that I was talking about on social media and in my life... I needed someone to take me and mold me like a piece of clay… As a result, I had an article published in Elephant Journal. My social media following more than doubled. I got new clients… Mostly, I feel more confident myself and more aligned with my soul, my heart, and my vision." 

Becca Wiseman |


"Before working with Meg, I felt pretty depressed in my business. I felt like I was just another coach on the internet, saying the exact same stuff as everyone else. I lacked authenticity and originality. Meg mirrored for me all of these things that I couldn’t quite conceptualize by myself. After our calls, I would look at our notes and say, ‘Oh my god, that is exactly how I feel, that is exactly the gift that I’m meant to bring the world.’ I’ve never felt more confident and more excited about my offers and the way I show up online. It is a direct reflection of my soul and my truth.”  

Lyndsey Gootee


"Before meeting Meg, I was struggling to find my brand identity and professional voice.  I felt lost and stuck, but did not know what to do next.  Meg asked thought-provoking questions and provided me with unconditional support throughout the entire process.  She brought forth my voice and vision for my private practice to truly capture the essence of my soul in my work.  She helped me to gain the courage to speak my truth.  With Meg’s guidance and creativity, I am now attracting more clients who feed my soul and make me come alive." 

Jessica Smith |

More Client Love


brand realignments

Witness the soul-level transformation of my clients as we transform their online presence.

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Babe, you are an expert already.
You are the only person who is doing what you do.
You are unique.
Together, we will crystalize your soul into a brand.

let’s connect and share hearts.



  1. Who is this course for?

    This is for entrepreneurs with service-based businesses who have been in business for at least 1 year. This is applicable for early businesses, as well as business that have been operating for 10 years. The process that I use has been tested with both.

  2. Do I need to have a website?

    Not necessarily, the online portion of the program will teach you how to create your website. If you have an existing website, we will revise/rewrite everything based on your new biz.

  3. Can you help me create a website?

    If you want the SoulWork team to create your website, we’ll be happy to do this.

  4. What should I expect as a result?

    Results vary based on intention. We will capture your specific intentions and desired results and work towards those. Often, your intentions will shift overtime and we reassess weekly.

    5. How is this different?

    Very few people offer the unique combination of embodiment, spiritual direction, and business strategy that this program and my work offers. A lot of people focus on strategy, others focus on your energy, I know that both are necessary.