oh, the places your soul
will go.

mini-retreats for creatives

Nashville | Tulum | Colorado | Joshua Tree


Only available for clients who have done previous work with me

Mini-Retreat Entrepreneur.jpg

we begin with space.

We all deserve this. As service-based business owner, we support people all the time. When the balance of give/take is off, it pulls away from our center. We follow the paths of others and wind up far from our truth, uninspired and burnt out.


we follow your soul.

I want to help you create your dream life, not just a profitable business. Your soul, this beautiful essence inside of you, is 100% raw truth. We tap-into your visions and Source to transform everything.


How It Works

We’ll choose the destination that aligns with your intentions. I will meet you there and guide you from the airport to our destination.

What You'll Get

Signature VIP Day Package
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Breakfast & Snacks Each Day

Welcome Dinner & Celebratory Dinner

A 1-on-1 Healing Session With Me

(1) Nature Immersion Facilitation

Morning Practice & Homework Daily


let’s dream.


This is an opportunity to access your own dreamspace.
Each location is incredibly unique and serves as our creative vortex.



My native home with a thriving arts, culture, and music scenes, as well as gorgeous landscapes, rivers, and forests. This experience is all about earth energy of grounding visions into reality.



In this watery oasis, we have the opportunity to realign with the magick of nature. If you are experiencing a stagnant energy in your business, healing cenotes and the warm, turquoise ocean will wash us clean and clear.



My second home is the fundament of air and space. If you need simply need to remember to breathe, the scenic mountains and vastness call us to peace and raw truth. We’ll enjoy long hikes and ample meditation and inner journeying.

joshua tree

Fire is the mark of this national park, serving as an ignition, a fierceness and a refinement. You’ll tune into the blank canvas of the desert and raw glow of the sun as we follow it through early morning movements to the glow of evening colors.


does this sound amazing?