soul+work summer tour

popups & events

May 2017 - July 2017

bringing creative, coloring events & unique popup environments
 to your customers and clients


soul+work | sōl •wərk | n. 1. your calling 2. your inner fire 3. dharma 4. the thing that only you do


day popup

we bring the vibes & you bring your tribe

10am - 4pm Coloring Lounge

  • Soul+Work will offer plantable postcards with your name on them for customers to color and send to a friend. The best part - the postcards turn into wildflowers!

  • We customize every interior environment with rugs, pillows, and there is an option to put up the bell tent if space allows.

  • We sell a full line of coloring journals, planners, notebooks and cards. We'll split the profits of Soul+Work product sales in a way that works for us both.

Postcards that Your Clients Can Plant

Postcards that Your Clients Can Plant



We bring Moroccan floor cushions, pillows, textured rugs, plants, pillows, dreamcatchers, found objects, crystals, a bell tent, and more to transform your space for a day. Your customers might never leave :)


Along with providing a full line of soulful coloring products, we bring face paints, henna, tarot sets, magickal books, and love to create flower crowns. This day will truly feel like a luxurious celebration!  


It's not just about coloring. It's about coming together. The Soul+Work Coloring Lounge helps your tribe connect with each other and gives you an opportunity to get to know your client on a deeper level. 

We love creating unique events & spaces.
We'll partner to market this event to make it the best possible!


soul+work soirée

an evening of intention


We'd love to follow our pop-ups with and an evening of your client & customers dreams!  Here's just a few ideas that we have. We'd love to hear yours.

It's also possible to follow up with a Soul+Work+Shop or Soul+Work+Circle.



We're not shy and we love to support other small businesses. We can curate a gallery of other local artists together and have a mini market.

local food

We can partner with restaurants in your area to provide light bites and drinks for your event.


A small concert on the patio or someone strumming while we mingle, eat, and play. Yes, please.

crafts & art

We love to bring flower crowns, henna, body art and we have several friends who do PopUp tattoos!

Together, we'll create a lasting memory for your community to connect & share.


about the artist

Hi! I'm Meg, a yoga teacher, brand designer, and artist. I am so passionate about doing soul+work. Over the past several years, I used creativity, embodiment and a whole lot of soul to transition my life into a place of passion. Before, I worked a desk job - now, I create coloring projects, run a design agency, live a full, vibrant life, and want to help everyone find this same sense of inspiration and joy by doing the work of the soul!

I also offer workshops & circles in addition to day pop-ups.


I also offer special workshops and events for your boutique, yoga studio, or space! Our signature Soul+Work+Shop will help you be more creative, inspired, and aligned with what makes you unique! 


"I learned how to tell my story with Soul+Work."

Melanie G, RI, USA

"This art is absolutely gorgeous. I love having it around to inspire me and remind me of my intentions. The combination of big picture, long-term goals, and weekly intentions has been great for helping me to prioritize and focus!"
— Angela W, IL, USA

"Soul+Work+Shop gave me a sense of community to help me see my uniqueness and the uniqueness of what I am offering."
Elena F, NH, USA

"The most beautiful gathering that I have ever been to!"

Lara E, CO, USA