rima the jungle girl

a podcast live from costa rica


Client overview

Rima is a rare gift to the world her new podcast and coaching offerings coming from a Marriage and Family Therapist turned vegan jungle girl give this an amazingly complex spin!


  • Web Design
  • Logo
  • Custom Graphics
  • Social Media Covers


the story


As it turns out, Rima is her given name, but the jungle part is divine intervention. When Rima was a kid, she was given an old comic. That comic turned into the defining story for this earthy, conscious brand, Rima The Jungle Girl. Rima offers a podcast, coaching, retreats, and so much more!

09 29 2017 RTJG final brand board.jpg



This was a rebrand for Rima. Her past logo contained a monkey and a hand-drawn font, so we refined up this intellectual, spiritual jungle girl's look with a sexy black panther and a more refined font.




We created a bold eye-catching cover to get Rima on the front page of iTunes along with a cohesive Facebook covers and custom banner for each page of her site.


Rima also had a need for IG covers to express quotes and podcast features.


online space


Check out the Rima The Jungle Girl Podcast and full interactive design at