Romancing The Self

An Intimate Circle for Women in Nashville

Begins September 11th


Hosted By

Juliana Cox & Meg Jamison

Hey love,

If you’re craving deeper sisterhood and like-minded community, an opportunity to really dive in, clear the personal lens and energy field to see yourself, maybe for the first time, and truly fall in love.

This is for you.


I’m Jewls.



I’m Meg.


What We’ve Learned

in this short and beautiful life

Session 1

Hey, Babe Self, Nice To Meet You <3

You gotta learn to talk to yourself like this. Cultivate a true curiosity, to know yourself fully to release shame, judgement, and insecurity.

Session 2

Let me woo you!

Then, you can move on to the next level of knowing. Are you the person you like most? How do you care for and nourish this being?


Session 3

Let’s fall deeper.

The level of connection that you feel with yourself is the level of connection/depth/intimacy that you feel with everyone else. Learn authentic communication and let your vulnerable self be seen.

Session 4

Then, we dance & celebrate.

The work of self must be both silly and serious. We’ll have one last deep healing and it will also be fun, lux AF.

what we offer

(1) 45 minute 1:1 sesh

Learn the basics of your enneagram/astro & other archetypes

(4) Sessions

2 hour in-person circles in East Nashville

(4) Video Practices & Homework

Sacred Self-love kit