what is soul+work?


Maybe you're in transition, trying to find work in the world that fuels your soul! Perhaps, you're trying to launch your own business or new life. Whatever it is, it's scary. I know because I've been there, but I also know that it's time for you to launch.

Soul+Work is your calling, your dharma, the work that only you were made to do, the thing that makes you come alive...

And the world needs more people who have come alive. 


my story

Becoming a practical dreamer. Here's what I've learned.

I'm Meg, a dreamer, a spirit weaver, an old soul... but I'm also a kick-ass entrepreneur, a firey go-getter, and a strategic mastermind. You can be all of the above too, a practical dreamer. I've learned to shapeshift throughout my life to make magic happen and I want to help you do the same.

Spiritually, I'm an artist and a teacher. Professionally, I'm a designer and brand strategist. I began my career at largest architecture firm in the world. It was wonderful... but soul-sucking. So I left. I followed intuition and became a yoga teacher training. Through deep introspective and lots of coaching, I decided to align my skills as a designer with my love of storytelling and the intuitive knowledge gained in my teacher training. I opened a design studio, Works Of Connection, to serve soulful entrepreneurs and tell their stories through websites, logos, etc. Now, I want to help you find your soul+work and share it with the world.

The work that I offer is the work that I've done!


Here's how it works soulfully.

I'll listen to you with heart wide open.
I'll help you move you forward
with eyes that see clearly.
I'll believe in you, because I see greatness
in everyone.

Here's how it works practically.

We'll talk about your strenghts and spiritual gifts.
We'll uncover what makes you uniquely you.
We'll use the themes of your life story to write a better one, a story that aligns with your soul. 


8 weeks of coaching

We move quickly and deeply with biweekly sessions and homework for you! There is something you were made uniquely to do and we will find it together.

Our sessions will be the best combination of coaching, brainstorming, written exercises, journaling, manifestation meditations, creative exploration, and tangible, achievable homework assignments.


session overview

1. Why, How, What? Session

We’ll answer the questions Why, How, and What and work towards crafting a 3 sentence explanation for who you are, what you do and why you do it! 

Optional Homework: Send in email format or post on Facebook or IG and get feedback

2. Uncovering Your Personal Story

We’ll chart the story of your life, work through some themes that have impacted your journey, & uncover the turning point of your life up until now that has made you who you are. In this session, we’ll begin a discussion about how to write a better story with your life.

Optional Homework: Share with 1 person

3. Writing A Better Story

Informed by our initial sessions, we’ll come up with ideas and paths to explore for the future of your life and work. I call these low-risk investments that will give you information to move forward with as you think about your future.

Optional Homework: Do 1 of the things on our list, i.e. going to a networking meeting, a new class, volunteering, etc.

4. Your Roadmap To Soul+Work

This session will begin with a guided meditation that will help you get deep into your subconscious mind to form a vision for the future, what you imagine your dream life to be like. Who will surround you? Where will you be? What is most important to you? We’ll revisit the question of “Why?” and get even more clear on what makes you incredibly and uniquely you!


ready to uncover your unique story?

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