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"So before I met Meg, I was not sure what we would be doing. I typically like to have a clear idea of the program and not knowing caused me some concern. Then when I learned we were meeting in a park, I was really curious and not sure at all what to expect.

When I came upon our beautiful little oasis in the forest though my heart just soared! It was something right out of one of my Pisces Moon fantasies! And then as the day progressed I felt so heard, so validated. I truly got SEEN.  The structured way of inquiry really helped fire up so many important synapses for me and helped me see from point A to point B very clearly how this new brand would look at feel.

It was a deep dive into my psyche that opened up a whole new portal and showed me how I could be authentically me AND be a successful entrepreneur. It made me realize how in some ways I’d inhibited myself from dreaming really big, how I’ve been aiming too low and how big the possibilities really are."

Gina Piccalo |



"I am so grateful to have worked with Meg on my re-branding project. It was an incredible discovery process that brought me self-awareness, confidence and a clear direction for my business. I knew I trusted Meg's design style from the beginning, and was drawn to her calm, creative and adventurous energy as a person. However, because I integrate many passions into my work and am constantly exploring new ideas, I was unsure I could create a clear identity to attract my ideal clients, and still leave room to grow. Meg's experience and guidance helped me move through the process with ease and trust, every step of the way, AND I came away with a beautiful and inspiring brand that truly reflects who I am visually and conceptually, and gives me the freedom to keep evolving my business. Such an awesome experience. Thank you Meg!"

Kelly Shroads |


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"Before meeting Meg, I was struggling to find my brand identity and professional voice.  I felt lost and stuck, but did not know what to do next.  Meg asked thought-provoking questions and provided me with unconditional support throughout the entire process. I now incorporate breath work, movement, shamanism, writing, and other experiential techniques into my sessions.  She brought forth my voice and vision for my private practice to truly capture the essence of my soul in my work.  She helped me to gain the courage to speak my truth. 

With Meg’s guidance and creativity, I am now attracting more clients who feed my soul and make me come alive. I’ve gotten more full fee clients than I had before and I can honestly say I truly look forward to meeting with all of my clients now.  I reached capacity at the end of December and I’ve been at capacity since then.  I still typically receive about 2 to 3 referrals a week despite being at capacity.  The first week of January I received 15 referrals, whereas, last year I think I received 5.

Jessica Smith |



"Before working with Meg, I felt ready to evolve even more into the branding of my business. I always had done branding on my own for years and wanted to work with someone who could go deep and see me on a soul level. Meg infused an essence into my brand. I felt seen and clarified. She really pulled why I have a business and why I chose to do this with the colors, logo, and in everything we did together. Now, my website and brand has a soul; it’s more empowered and stronger than before. The site is so me. Even with the changes that are constantly happening in my business as I evolve, the site can still stay the same. Since launching the website, I’ve had 96 opt-ins for my free offer which is huge growth!"

DesiRae Kraft |


"Meg helped me design a custom brand, website, and logo, that go way beyond the word "custom". She has an innate ability to see into the absolute essence of her client and deliver a product that is spot on uniquely you. Meg is a student of life and she infuses that wonder and interest into all of your meetings and work together. She is a curious seeker of what makes you, you. At the same time she is professional, organized, thorough and on point. I would not hesitate to recommend Meg Jamison to anyone seeking to make their imprint on the world."

Amy Baker |


“Meg has the rare combination of being smart, savvy, AND intuitive. She goes out of her way to get to know her clients to be able to produce work that prioritizes each of them and reflects their unique offering. I couldn’t be happier with the website and branding work she has done for my business- she brings out the things I have trouble saying about myself.

Keri Bergeron |