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we start with your calling.

Here's my guess... you're a powerful creator, doing incredible work in the world... It's just that it feels like something is else calling you, from the distance, far beyond and you don't exactly what it is or how to get there.

Just like the caterpillar that has no idea what it will be come, you are on the journey to become something even more vibrant and full than you could dream or imagine.


our day will jumpstart your transformation process.

We'll create a cozy nook to settle in and do our work. I'll provide a space for you to be vulnerable, to recreate, to become whatever you want to be.

In this day, we'll uncover a vast landscape of content to support you in sharing your light. As we take your vision from concept to reality, I'll provide a clear path forward with an overall business strategy.

After our day, we’ll have all the info you need for a web and graphic design, content creation, social media platform strategy and more.


How It Works

We'll meet for an entire day of magick.

Our morning begins with movement, visualization and an amazing breakfast, followed by hours of intensive brainstorming/coaching, lunch, and business creation.

We'll wrap up our day with your customized Flight Plan which is detailed below.

What You'll Get

Your Flight Plan
Includes SoulWork Story & Vision Board
along with 2 Months of Creative Content and Metamorphosis Meditation

A 60 min Follow-Up Session


the process


face your fear

Do you know what's holding you back? If you did, you probably wouldn't be here. I'll provide a 5 Minute Metamorphosis Meditation. Take this with you and utilize it daily to visualize your transformation.


rewire your story

Did you know that a caterpillars leg neurons rewire to control it's wings? We'll use neuroscience fundamentals and guided visualization to heal old stories and rewrite an incredible new one. 


test your wings

My expertise is self-expression. Let's uncover a new way to show up on online and in-person that feels uniquely you. We'll unfold 2 months of creative content for you to test and tweak in the months ahead.


find freedom

Once we understand the trajectory, we'll make your Flight Plan. We'll use a proven methodology for copy writing and site design that is used by Fortune 500 companies. From this place, it's super easy to create your new website, logo, and beyond.


Your Flight Plan

Metamorphosis Meditation

We'll get clear on an area of your life that you want to work in and I'll create a customized meditation just for you.
You'll use this 5-minute meditation daily for the next month as a tool to shift your mindset in the direction of your migration.

SoulWork Story

Using the StoryBrand methodology, we will write a powerful new story to tell to your friends, customers and the world. These 5 sentences will serve as the basis for elevator pitches, site copy, and so much more!
We'll talk about the way you are packaging and pricing your products as well! 

2 Months Of Creative Content

After getting clarity on your story, we will create 6-8 themes for your content. Over lunch, you'll use a template that I provide to easily write the copy for these posts.

SoulWork Vision Board

This board will serve as the guiding light for your brand. It includes colors, fonts, and images that resonate with your story and the unique angel that we have developed for your brand.


Website Vision & Outline

Based on what we've created in our day together, your offerings, brand story and call to action,  I will send you home with a beautiful wireframe that you can use to create a website in your own time or you can hire our fantastic team to do it for you!


i'll be your guide.

As a transformation guide, I will listen deeply to the calling of your heart as we create a vision that inspires you and the flight plan to make it a reality. 

And while I do normally have a flower in my hair, I also have 6 years of industry experience in conceptual design and certifications in yoga and energy healing.

Read My Butterfly Story

just take it from my clients


“Before spending time with Meg in Tulum, I felt stuck, uninspired. I loved my clients, but I had to work WAAAY more hours than I wanted to make ends meet. Going into our Mini-Retreat, I was completely unaware of what was going to end up happening!! I thought I was going to have Meg help me update my brand and marketing materials, and maybe learn how to be a little more effective on social media.

Somehow, incredible magick and alchemy happened and I walked away with a completely different business plan and a totally new lease on life. I hadn't realized I was starting to feel stagnant and burned out in my career until Meg lit a fire of awareness in our time together. I am still amazed at the powerful insights that Meg pulled out of me, the deep and beautiful stories that unfolded during our time together, and the emergence of the Wise Woman motif.

Flying back to Denver, I felt excited, hopeful, and inspired. I have a direction and FREEDOM.”

Dana McDowell
Visit to view the site created by SoulWork 

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it begins with your complimentary consult.

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