want total freedom in your life & work?

we create it by listening to the call of your soul.

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you want a life-altering transformation

what's stopping you?

Society has told you, you need to follow the rules, stay the course, keep your feet on the ground... and whatever you do, don't go off the beaten path, it's scary there and people don't come out alive.

I'm guessing if you're here, you've discovered that this narrative isn't true for you. You've felt the calling of your soul to something greater and yes, you're terrified to place yourself in the chrysalis... but you're also ready to feel freedom - to shine, to show all of yourself to the world.


freedom lives here.

let's go into the darkness to rewire your story & give you new wings that allow your soul to shine


your guide

hi. i'm maya.

I totally get the whole "play-it-safe" game. I did it myself for many years at my corporate job, struggling through days of being disconnected from myself while I longed for something so much more.

I'm here to say that is possible to come out of the chrysalis alive. In fact, I came out more shiny and radiant than ever before and my client who have undergone this process say the same! We'll form wings that allow you to soar to great heights in your life and work. I'll be there with you the whole way.

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what is all this butterfly voodoo about?

the transformation process

how it works

Go Into The Darkness

We'll find your brand essence through meditation and heartsharing.

Rewire Your Story

We'll use visualization to create a new story and write incredible copy/


Test Your New Wings

I'll help you figure out the best way to confidently and uniquely show up online and on social media.

Take Flight

We blend your soul and your story to create a brand that gives you freedom using graphics and web design. 


coaching options

1:1 retreat

Want to truly superstart your soulwork? Let’s spend time together in a magical destination finding the deepest and most embodied you. We'll come up with a dreamy plan for the future of your life and work. Feel the clarity you crave.

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1:1 mentorship

Want support with your strategy? I’ll be your person. We’ll rewire your brand essence, web presence, and your entire business in a way that inspires you to dream and attracts your dream client.

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embody the muse

A 2-month content creation experience, you get one-on-one time with me along with daily videos to help you become a channel for creativity, flow, and rediscover the Muse within.

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client words

You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling,
so don’t.
You have wings.
Learn to use them and fly.”
— Rumi