Connecting your head + heart to find
the work that you were made to do

Our Standard 2.5-hour Workshop

  • Use Your Story, Strengths, and Intuition To Find Your Soul+Work

  • 60 mins of Yoga Practice + 1hr and 30 mins of Workshop

  • Asana, Meditation & Visualization, Group Coaching
  • Soul+Work Calendar spread included



We drop into the heartspace through the practice. This class is heavily themed around integration of the physical body and the spirit with a focus on connecting heart chakra, spinal chord channel, and the third eye.

meditation & visualization

Guided meditation & breath-work is used throughout the workshop to keep these channels open as we begin to think analytically and intuitively at the same time, integrating to find the path to tell our story in an authentic and unique way. 


Meg uses her coaching & brand design expertise to walk us through personal storytelling in a concise & soulful way to clearly explain and find our unique soul+work. We'll do some strategic life planning, lots of journaling and a bit of coloring.

Find what makes you unique
the work that only you were made to do!