worldwide women's circles

 synchronous circles & online courses


Client overview

Worldwide Women’s Circle is an international movement which utilizes the ancient tradition of the women’s circle.  Our client, LeahRose, offer women the gift of community and help each one become the kind of leader the world needs now.  


  • Branding
  • Logo Development
  • Wordpress Web Design
  • Online Courses


the story


The WWWC brand is about inclusion and magic. The strategy is an interesting combination of possibility and the everyday. We were careful not too include too much woo-woo imagery, and there was a concern for making women's circles approachable for every female. 




Continuing with the theme of inclusion and equality, for the WWWC logo, we created a circular form that includes women of every color holding up and rebirthing the world through the practice of women's circles.


online space


WWWC web design included a complex Wordpress site complete with the following features:

  • Wordpress Courses
  • WooCommerce
  • Membership Portal

Visit the full Worldwide Women's Circles site for more info!