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We are sisters. We hold keys, not the answers.


Meg Jamison | Lead Facilitator & Creative Muse

Not any single one of us have the answers. We all hold a very specific set of keys. I will help you unlock the experience of the physical body thru dance therapy and embodiment. I will specifically hold the space for working through shadow and for encouraging you to show us parts of yourself that you didn’t even know where there.

My teacher is polarity and finding freedom to be in the extremes. To truly be a light in this world, we need to be fully comfortable with our own darkness and death. This is not easy, but it has led to the purest bliss I’ve found.

Each one of these women have activated something in me that words cannot describe, but you will get to experience if you join us in Joshua Tree. They are energies, essences, and unique identities unto themselves. They laugh at their flaws and shine in their magic. They are my dearest friends and trusted advisors.

You will be blown away.


Facilitators To Be Revealed

You’re going to be wow-ed by this powerful group.